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Leadership through Management & Supervision

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Frontline Etiquette

Process all telephone calls and to receive, consult and direct visitors in the reception and other areas. More »

Protocol & Ethics

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Problem Solving

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Valuing Our Customers: Master skills to apply when dealing with clients. More »

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Effective communication is the name of the game

We have so many marketing opportunities today.  But do we communicate effectively when using them?


Is your business card telling your client only the necessary details?  When a client flips it over and it is blank, there is nothing more to catch his attention.  You missed a valuable opportunity to give information about your product and what kind of service you provide.


There are many networking opportunities for companies, smme’s and entrepreneurs to introduce themselves and although it is important to attend, we only have a few seconds to introduce ourselves. First impressions count, how we communicate with the other attendees is a valuable key to attracting clients.  When your name is called do you:

  • Breathe before you leave your seat?
  • Take your hands out of your pockets?
  • Know exactly what you want to say in the right order?
  • Avoid the ‘OK’s’ and ‘JA’s’ at the beginning or end of each phrase?
  • Use pace and volume so everybody can understand?
  • Are you appropriately dressed?

Your first impression may be your last and it is vital you make it a lasting one.


Introducing your company may be unsuccessful for the following reasons:

  • You did not connect with your audience using positive energy but had the approach of ‘I need your business!’
  • You didn’t gel with your visuals.
  • You lacked confidence and relied on the pointer.
  • Your body language did not compliment your presentation.
  • You were too soft spoken.
  • Your graphics were too small.
  • People were asking you questions and you could not answer them in a diplomatic way.
  • You were dressed inappropriately.
  • You went over your time limit and made excuses.

The internet is one of the most effective marketing tools.


When you decide to use networking groups, make sure your visuals are big enough. Your readers don’t have time to click, they simply delete.

The information you want to share must not be too much, or too small to read.

The marketing gurus advise us to use the internet as much as possible so that the public becomes familiar with our product.

But how do we communicate personally?

What is your profile photo telling your readers?

In the business world, you do not have to share your family photos or your hobbies with your potential clients.  They want to do business with you and are not interested in your dog or your cat.


If your website does not communicate to your engine searchers, find another website designer.  Make sure you have not too many sub-divisions.  Your information must be compact and only the necessary details to explain.

Remember:  Effective communication is the name of YOUR game to succeed.

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